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Now it's easier than ever to obtain financing for the E-Z-GO
vehicle of your dreams. Whether you want a revolving credit
offer or a fixed installment loan,
E-Z-GO has financing to meet your need, and it's never been
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Introducing the new E-Z-GO ST Series
Make work feel like play.

Experience the rugged sophistication
of the E-Z-GO® ST Series.
The E-Z-GO® ST Series is engineered with a
unique balance of sophistication and

Each offers unmatched style, the utmost
comfort and the reliability you demand. Choose
from the ST Sport, ST Sport II, ST Sport 2+2, ST
400, ST 480, ST Custom or ST Express — many of
which offer both gas and electric models.

So whether you’re looking to take on chores,
haul fishing equipment, or take a short family
ride, E-Z-GO is the right cart for you!
Electric Specs
Gas Specs
ST Sport II
ST Sport 2 + 2
ST Express
ST 400
ST 480
ST Custom
Electric Specs
Gas Specs
Electric Specs
Gas Specs
Electric Specs
Gas Specs
Electric Specs
Gas Specs
Gas Only